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About Hearing Loss

Hearing and comprehending are two very different things.

When you’re in a crowded room, for example, you might hear plenty of chatter, but you may not understand what anybody is saying. That’s why Brookway Hearing doesn’t simply sell you a hearing aid and then send you on your way.

At Brookway Hearing, the comprehensive examination and fitting is just the start.

We do regular follow-ups to fine-tune your hearing device to ensure that your brain is properly processing the sounds you hear. Our real job isn’t to sell hearing aids; it’s to restore our clients’ abilities to hear as well as possible—so that they can get the most out of their lives.

Most often, family members and friends are the ones who first notice a person’s hearing loss.

People who have having hearing problems are often embarrassed and try to hide the fact that they can’t hear as well as they used to. But hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of.

People of any age may be experiencing hearing loss.

Because of increased sound levels in today’s world, along with the use of loud audio devices, like car stereos and iPods, people are experiencing hearing loss at younger ages than ever before. Today, people are starting to wear hearing aids in their sixties, compared to their seventies as in the past. The younger you start wearing a hearing aid to correct a deficiency, the easier the transition is.

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